Why New Leaf?

I saw a man who looked down on his luck journalling in the Skytrain yesterday. He was very intent on what he was doing and didn’t notice me even though I watched him for a while. I had the sense that he was enjoying what he was doing. Seeing him write in his journal, made me think of a friend who writes for fun. Not sure why, but it occurred to me that I might enjoy writing too. I thought that trying to write a blog might be good way for me to experiment with a bit of writing (and act as a sort of journal).

The name? It seems that I am always turning over a new leaf (just ask my family, friends or staff). Lately, I have been quite focused on diet (some success) and exercise (not so much success). Nevertheless I definitely feel like I am “in the flow” right now. So, another new leaf – trying to write a blog.

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