A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I didn’t have an opportunity to watch President Trump’s State of the Union Address yesterday. However, I did see two or three clips. In each clip one-half of the assembly stood mindlessly like automatons clapping (regardless of what was said) and the other half sat mindlessly like automatons (regardless of what was being said). I think these images provide a pretty accurate picture of the current state of affairs in U.S. politics.

I would have been encouraged a bit if even one person had stood or sat (depending on their party) because they truly agreed or disagreed with what the President was saying.

Blog Pressure

Having set up this blog, I was feeling a bit of self-imposed pressure. Pressure to post daily and pressure to create blogs that are witty, insightful and intelligent (I know- it is a challenge, right.).

So, after having had a good talk with myself (you see the challenges I face), I have agreed that I will relax and post when I feel inspired or moved to do so. Given the number of viewers of this blog, a little suspense won’t hurt them as they check back to the site